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Migrating to New Zealand Testimonials

Below are testimonal from some of our previous customers about about experience of migrating to New Zealand with the help of On Arrival.



Migrate to New Zealand client  - Areva"My relocation to New Zealand from the US brought along many challenges, but these challenges were quickly eliminated with the superior service of On Arrival. 

On Arrival provided clear guidance from day one covering all the facets of settling in to a new city and definitely exceeded my expectations.

They made, and continue to make, my new life in New Zealand exceptional and I could not have imagined settling in to New Zealand without their service.

On Arrival’s service is unsurpassed!"

- Fabrice Hudry, Country Sales Director, AREVA T&D



"On Arrival for us was a godsend. We came here two months ago from the other side of the world, not knowing a whole lot about where to find anything.

Eve from On Arrival met us at the airport, totally exhausted from over 40 hrs. of travelling. She took us to our place, helped us get settled in, and hasn't stopped helping since.

Everything from looking for a house, locating a school for our son, to buying furniture and groceries, she was there, guiding, advising and trying to make our relocation as smooth as she possibly could, even providing temporary household items when our shipping was delayed.

She has been checking on us, organising social events to introduce us to other people, and simply just meeting for coffee to keep in contact and ensure that we are ok.

I would highly recommend On Arrival’s services to anyone, no matter where they might be moving from."

- Fernando & Cintra Castellanos, Trinidad & Tobago



 "On our first introduction to the team of Directors of On Arrival New Zealand, one is struck by the overwhelming enthusiasm, professionalism and timeous approach to customer service.

Having immigrated from South Africa, we have, but only gone from strength to strength since our arrival a year ago. As a young family with varying needs, the comprehensive and well researched resettlement package provided by Directors’ Eve and Don Casagranda left no stone unturned.

That’s the type of service and information source we needed when we arrived. Coupled with their wealth of experience as Immigrants themselves and our exposure to the many opportunities they presented, the road ahead seemed a journey with a Team.

With the social calendar ably co-ordinated and led by Client Services Director Eve Casagranda, we were absorbed into the New Zealand lifestyle very quickly.

To mention but a few events that we participate in include the biweekly “Ladies who Lunch” and the morning tea groups – these events double as information sessions and networking opportunities for us whilst our partners are at work. The family focused events included the Easter, Mid Winter Christmas, Guy Fawkes , Christmas celebrations, the family picnics, and kid’s birthday parties.

When our friends and families are introduced to Eve Casagranda, it is then no surprise to them that we have settled relatively with ease within such a short timeframe. Eve exudes warmth, love, friendliness and she immediately puts you at ease. The children of the On Arrival families seem to enjoy her company and they all cling to her at the gatherings. Over the months as On Arrival families, we have been encouraged to invite new friends to the events, and so the On Arrival NZ families are extending.

Having met the other team members of the Company, and the families that have settled as far back as fifteen years ago, I am convinced that the services provided by On Arrival New Zealand far surpasses one’s expectations of a Resettlement agency.

Don and Eve Casagranda mean business when they say “Our service never stops”. One year on and I am still a very happy and content client as they are only but a call away from us. The people of On Arrival New Zealand are ambassadors of this beautiful country and their services contributes to the positive image and development of our economy.

And, so armed with the blessings of On Arrival New Zealand and the opportunities from MWH New Zealand Ltd, we venture on as we discover the wonders of this our New Zealand."

- June Murugan, Wife of Ivan Govender (Structural Team Leader of MWH New Zealand LTD), Wellington, Troy and Page Govender (children)



"It is with pleasure that we write a referral for Don and Eve Casagranda and the services of On Arrival New Zealand.

On Arrival recently supported our family's move to Wellington, New Zealand whichis our 5th relocation to 5 different countries over the past 20 years.

Of all moves, this has been the most pleasant due largely to the assistance received which started from their initial call of introduction right through to choosing the school and area to live, and then finally the orientation once we arrived which has been absolutely essential to our whole family (including our pet) settling with ease.

It hasn't stopped there, we feel that we have made friends for life and enjoy further social gatherings with others who have also experienced On Arrival's touch.

Our questions and queries were pre-empted on more than one occasion and the speed of reply, open communication, attention to detail and good sound advice drawn on from a wealth of experience and local and national knowledge far exceeded our expectations.

We would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Don and Eve Casagranda and On Arrival, as their company, as it is simply the best in its class."

- Adrian and Lynne Simnett



"We are a family from South Africa, who came to New Zealand six months ago, after spending a number of years in South Korea. Eight weeks ago we moved down to Wellington from Napier, and it was then we came into contact with On Arrival’s Don and Eve Casagranda, who have been hired by Marius’ new company, Landcorp Farming Ltd, to assist us in resettling in Wellington. From the very first meeting, Eve has been very helpful, going out of her way to meet our every need. From setting us up with temporary accommodation, to a welcome pack upon our arrival, to taking us to the supermarket on the first day, she has really made our lives a lot easier from the very first day.

The next step for us was to find a rental house, and while Marius started working in his new job, Eve went through all the trouble of putting a list together of available rental homes, within our preferred price range and practical specifications, in the area of our choice. Within 2 weeks we found the perfect home, and we are now settling in very comfortably.

Still, Eve is doing a lot of follow-up consultation with us, continually doing community orientation with us, and arranging lunches for all the new ladies in her resettlement group, to get to know each other better and so to build up a social support group.

Resettling in a new town, city, or country, can be a very daunting experience, but if you do it hand-in-hand with On Arrival, it can be converted into a very comfortable and enjoyable, life-changing experience.

Thank you, Don and Eve, we appreciate all you do!"

- Marius, Tania, Markus and Tamar van Niekerk



"The relocation service I eventually managed to contact after about 5 weeks in Wellington was called "On Arrival New Zealand".

They provide the full suite of relocation services (orientation, home finding, schools, community awareness etc etc).  Not only were they highly competitive price-wise, but the service from the principals of the firm (Eve and Don Casagranda) was extremely personal and engaged.

A number of other providers gave me the distinct impression that, based only on a questionnaire and a 10-minute phone call, they would shortlist 3 properties and I would have to choose amongst those or else.

On Arrival, however, made every effort to tune into my needs and wants and were always gracious and accommodating. For the simple service I contracted for, I felt that I received much more.

All of On Arrival’s services exceeded my expectations. I moved into the “Absolutely Perfect” property which I couldn’t have found without Eve and her ability to totally understand my personal needs.

I was asked in my Customer Satisfaction Survey if I could recommend ways of improving On Arrival’s service, and I can’t think of a thing – They are absolutely wonderful.

I would highly recommend On Arrival to others and would be happy to talk to any new recruit about my experience with them."

- Anne Peters, Manager, Policy, Ministry of Economic Development



"Move Solutions have been delighted to work with ‘On Arrival’ during the past twelve months, and have found their promptness to respond to requests, and the ability to appreciate the needs of our clients to be exceptional.  

Their expertise in corporate relocation management and family resettlement is impeccable."

- Lesley Mendoza, General Manager, Move Solutions, Melbourne



"Taking the decision to come to New Zealand, from Ottawa in Canada, has not been an easy thing for me and my husband. Life had been good to us – we had a good financial situation and well-paid jobs. Yet something was missing. The idea of moving to New Zealand steadily took shape and the only way I can define what drove us here is hope: hope of a new beginning in a land of new and challenging opportunities. As New Zealanders like to say – it is a small country but with a big attitude, and believe me, it is all true.

Once the decision was taken, we were back in the real world trying to find a way to deal with the discouraging complex logistics of moving half across the globe to a country we’ve seen only in pictures and heard of only in other people’s stories.

All of a sudden, ordinary things such as finding the appropriate sources of information, renting a house, finding childcare arrangements or simply getting around took on cosmic proportions. I didn’t know where to begin. That is, until I was saved by On Arrival, who transformed an enormously stressful situation in a manageable experience. I was able to enjoy a walk on the beach and to spend time marveling at the brightness of the stars on a clear night sky.

Since coming to Wellington, On Arrival has been there with support and guidance and has addressed all my re-settlement needs over and above my expectations and made me feel like “Part of their Family”.

Thanks to On Arrival, I have now had many opportunities to appreciate the wonderful sense of friendship and support New Zealanders display with such ease and grace. I am looking forward to becoming a part of their world.

Should you elect to move to New Zealand, I highly recommend that you contact On Arrival to assist you with your relocation and re-settlement – Their service is impeccable and their support is incredible."

- Marllena Ifrim

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