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Prospective Employees Moving to New Zealand?

Resettlement to New Zealand with a family

Have you considered providing Resettlement Support for Prospective Employees?

A Family Resettlement Program can make your company more attractive to candidates, and by extension, more competitive in the recruiting process.  

Why is a Focus on Family Resettlement so important?

A successful resettlement and moving to New Zealand depends largely on the new employee’s ability to settle and get working quickly and effectively, knowing that their loved ones are being looked after.

How can Resettlement help retain your Employees ?

  • Resettlement Support focuses on the requirements of the whole family.
  • Resettlement Support ensures each family member’s individual requirements are addressed.
  • Resettlement Support enables your new employee to concentrate on work requirements, knowing that their family’s needs are being fully addressed.
  • Resettlement Support alleviates the considerable stress faced by re-locating employees, allowing them to fully integrate into their new home and school environment, and begin to establish their own community support networks.

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