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New Zealand Relocation and Resettlement Specialists

New Zealand Immigration with On Arrival Resettlement Services

Fully Comprehensive Packages

On Arrival researches the needs of families migrating to New Zealand, and combines this with our own experiences to develop a comprehensive package of services to address all aspects of the re-settlement process – ensuring that the specific needs of each of our clients are met.

We recognise that everyone’s circumstances are unique, so our services are flexible, and we work with our clients to deliver a program that is suitably tailored.

What makes our Business and Services different?

On Arrival specialises in comprehensive family support services from our clients’ initial orientation or ‘look see’ visit through to full resettlement in the new city, community, and home. Our services continue with on-going community integration, social and networking support.

Recognising our Clients' commitment to providing a positive working environment for their new employees, On Arrival’s resettlement services are designed to complement this approach by attending to the needs of the employees’ families.

On Arrival Points of Difference

On Arrival’s holistic approach to our client needs means we focus on the resettlement requirements of the whole family, to ensure each family member’s individual requirements are addressed.

Our program is focused on understanding each family’s unique requirements. 

Understanding the need for families to access new support networks, On Arrival continues to assist our ‘On Arrival families’ long after they have moved into their new accommodation.

This approach enables our Client’s new employee to concentrate on his / her work requirements, knowing that his / her family needs are being fully addressed. 

This is designed to alleviate the considerable stress faced by re-locating employees, and allows them to fully integrate into their new home and school environment, and begin to establish their own community support networks.

Service Package Description

On Arrival offers three fixed price, pre-defined packages for Individuals, Couples, and Families, that cover the full range of our resettlement support for:


Through conversations with you, and by asking you to complete our simple Accommodation and Lifestyle Needs Questionnaires, we profile aspects of your lifestyle, housing, educational, recreational, and individual requirements and expectations.  This enables us to conduct a preliminary search for localities, to meet your requirements and budget guidelines.

The results of our Pre-Arrival searches are communicated to you well in advance of your departure, and through follow up discussions we refine these to ensure that when you arrive we are taking you to locations that fit with your needs and expectations.

On Arrival

We'll pick you up from the airport, ensure that you get settled into your temporary accommodation, supply a food hamper for your arrival, and then let you get rested from your journey.

The following day we’ll take you on a half day orientation tour of your new city, and include a stop for lunch at one of our many wonderful restaurants.

We also provide you with a detailed Information Pack about your new location and its surrounding regions.

Home Finding Service

On the basis of our preliminary searches in the Pre-Arrival phase we refine our home finding criteria and organise several properties for your inspection.  We then organise a location and property inspection schedule, accompany you to view and inspect the selected properties, and once we have found you the right home, we’ll be there to assist you with all the required documentation, connection of utilities, and to help you get settled in.

Education Information

We provide you with information on the schools, day-care facilities and educational institutions in your new community, and arrange appointments to meet with registrars and/or principals and assist you with school enrolments.
Additionally, we will assist you to obtain any necessary school uniform and supply requirements.

Community Orientation

We will take you on an orientation tour of your new community and will provide you with detailed guides on local amenities, schools, council services, hospitals, medical and dental care, local shopping areas, public transport services, children’s playgroups, maternity services, and recreation facilities.

Spouse/Family Support

We can identify the job search needs for your spouse/partner and assist you in identifying potential opportunities through our professional placement partners.

We support partners during this time by providing a “Spouse orientation tour” of your new home region, introducing you to networking groups and social activity groups. We will also identify local community groups, children’s playgroups and activities, and local sporting associations.

Additionally, we will provide you with shopping assistance and help with service provision such as house cleaning, gardening, child care, and catering services.

On Arrival New Zealand Club

Our new and exciting social group offers you a wide range of entertainment, lifestyle and networking benefits.  Meet others who have adopted New Zealand as their home and share your experiences.


We continue to act as an information, support and referral service for all our clients by staying in touch with you to establish community networks and host social functions.

Partner Services

Through our range of “Partner Services” we can also assist you with:

  • Visa Application and Processing Services.
  • Shipment of furniture and pets.
  • Long and short term furniture and appliance rental,
  • Car rental or purchase requirements,
  • Financial Planning and Foreign Currency Exchange.
  • Mortgage Brokerage Services.
  • UK Pension Funds Transfer.
  • Property and other Investment opportunities.
  • Job Search Services.
  • Information on Life in New Zealand.

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