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New Zealand Relocation and Resettlement Specialists

New Zealand Immigration with On Arrival Resettlement Services

Pre-Arrival Support Services

On Arrival researches the needs of families migrating to New Zealand, and combines this with our own experiences to develop a comprehensive package of services to address all aspects of the re-settlement process – ensuring that the specific needs of each of our clients are met. We recognise that everyone’s circumstances are unique, so our services are flexible, and we work with our clients to deliver a program that is suitably tailored.

Preview Orientation Tour

Where our clients are making a preview visit, prior to confirming their move to New Zealand, On Arrival’s standard programme is to take you on an orientation tour of the city, communities, and special points of interest, to show off its key attractions, including enjoying lunch in a local restaurant.
This gives us an opportunity to hone in on the areas that most interest you from a lifestyle perspective, from which we further tailor our services to focus on specific communities for the home and school search services for your resettlement.

Transport Services

On Arrival liaises with The Moving Company, New Zealand Van Lines, and Wridgways for our clients moving from the UK, South Africa, United States, and Australia and are happy to work with whatever furniture and pet transfer service your company selects.

Alliance Partner Services

On Arrival has a number of alliance partner services which can be made available to our clients pre and post arrival, to provide them support in:

  • Immigration and Visa Services
  • Setting up Bank Accounts
  • International Funds Transfer
  • Applying for an IRD Number
  • Pre-approval of Mortgage Financing options
  • Obtaining Insurance for Health, Life, Home & Contents, and Cars.
  • Driver training and Converting to a New Zealand Driver’s License.
  • Purchasing a Car.
  • Purchasing Household goods and services.
  • Earthquake Safety Instruction and acquiring Emergency Kits.
  • Pre-Arrival Information Services

Personal Relocation Questionnaires

On Arrival currently uses both a Lifestyle Needs and Accommodation Needs questionnaire that we ask to our incoming families to complete which allows us to identify your individual needs and permit us to address your specific re-settlement requirements. You can complete these documents on-line and your Personal Resettlement Consultant will telephone you discuss your details and answer any queries you may have.

Location Information Pack

On Arrival traditionally sends soft copy information to our clients prior to their departure to New Zealand, and supplements this on their arrival with documentation, brochures, information booklets, special information requirements and other publications pertinent to your specific needs and interests.
This Information Pack also includes:

  • A Wise’s map of the city
  • Public transportation schedules
  • Local Council information
  • A comprehensive shopping guide
  • Medical and dental locations and information
  • Restaurant and entertainment venues
  • Locations of churches and religious centres
  • Details of sporting clubs and facilities
  • Details specific to your interests that we have become aware of over our discussions with them
  • A copy of any local real estate magazines, the Car Dealer magazine, and other community newspapers are also be included.

Pre-Departure Services Checklist.

On Arrival has developed a Moving Checklist intended to provide a guideline for “Things to Do” and areas to consider and/or follow through on to assist the transferee in addressing some of the many tasks they will have to consider in getting their family prepared for their departure, and in getting ready to re-settle in their new home.

Telephone and E-Mail Support

On Arrival has a policy of telephoning our clients on a weekly basis, to answer any queries they may have, and also to e-mail them with details of potential properties that fit within their Lifestyle and Budget Guidelines to assist in establishing their expectation levels for their arrival in New Zealand.

Immigration Assistance

On Arrival uses the services of Fragomen Global Immigration Services to provide information, guidance and assistance to our clients on immigration matters for the international movement and relocation of employees and new hires to and between countries worldwide.

Fragomen’s solutions-driven practice offers a complete range of immigration services covering:

Preparation and submission of applications for New Zealand including:

  • Work visas
  • Short term business travel advice
  • Permanent residence applications
  • Family category applications
  • New Zealand citizenship advice and applications
  • Local immigration program development and management
  • Corporate applications such as accreditation with Immigration New Zealand
  • Immigration compliance advice and guidance - assessment of activities to be undertaken and determination of appropriate visa category
  • Auditing and tracking visa and permit expiry dates and planning renewal applications
  • Obtaining business visas and entry clearance visas from foreign Embassies and Consulates in New Zealand for outbound personnel
  • Preparation and submission of applications for new or replacement passports with Embassies and Consulates in New Zealand
  • US and UK immigration services (in conjunction with qualified professionals based in our Australian practice)

They have extensive global and regional program management experience, and effective case management systems to provide a seamless service.

Temporary Accommodation Booking

On Arrival will co-ordinate all bookings for short-term motel/hotel/serviced apartment style accommodation in accordance with your needs and your company’s Relocation Policy.


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