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New Zealand Relocation and Resettlement Specialists

New Zealand Immigration with On Arrival Resettlement Services

Stand Alone Move to New Zealand Services

Preview Orientation Tour

The Preview Orientation Program is designed for employees, their partners and families who are considering a transfer.

Mitre Peak - Move to New ZealandThe program aims to introduce the new city, give an overview of housing opportunities, educational and recreational facilities. Property inspections can be arranged to enhance the familiarization with the suburbs, housing styles and the geography of the destination city.

The Preview Orientation Tour is offered as a ½ day, full day, or 2 day program.

Move to New Zealand Orientation Tour

On Arrival’s standard move to New Zealand programme is to take our clients on an orientation tour of the city, communities, and special points of interest, to show off its key attractions, including enjoying lunch in a local restaurant.

This gives us an opportunity to hone in on the areas that most interest them from a lifestyle perspective, from which we further tailor our services to focus on specific communities for the home and school search.

The Orientation Tour is offered as a one, two, or three day program.

Home Search Services

On Arrival asks you to complete an Accommodation and Lifestyle Needs questionnaire which we discuss with you to fully understand your accommodation requirements for your move to New Zealand, from which we refine our home finding criteria and organise several properties for your inspection.

We then organise a location and property inspection schedule, accompany you to view and inspect the selected properties, and once we have found the right home, we’ll be there to assist you with all the required documentation, connection of utilities, and to help you get settled in.

Our Home Search programs consist of:

Property Research

On Arrival conducts research for appropriate properties so your move to New Zealand will meet your needs and budget, we always contact property management companies or landlords in the first instance, and then check with real estate companies.

This is because property managers and landlords do not charge a letting fee whereas real estate companies charge one week’s rent plus GST when renting from them.

So every effort is made to save our clients this expense, recognising that in some cases it may not be avoidable dependant on the type of accommodation and area that you are looking for.

We also need to have identified our client’s educational requirements if any school age children are included as there may be zoning restrictions that apply in getting them registered in the appropriate school.

Itinerary Preparation for Property Inspections

We will confirm appointments at the properties the day before we plan to take our client to view them, and have prepared an itinerary with:

  •     the appointment times
  •     contact details
  •     the Property Addresses
  •     a description of the property
  •     the rental details
  •     the landlord details
  •     and any other pertinent information.
  •     Obtain a prospectus from the school,
  •     Arrange appointments with the principals or registrars,
  •     Accompany the client and their children to the initial interview and school inspections, and
  •     Assist the client with school enrolments.


Accompanied Property Inspections

We accompany our clients to the properties we have identified and organise for the property manager or landlord to meet us there.

In all cases, we will note their feedback on the property, in case we have to re-initiate further property research in order to meet their needs.

Assistance with Lease Preparation and Utility Connection

When our client has decided upon a property we will complete the lease and tenancy agreements with them, assist them with connecting the telephone and utilities, and provide them with a contact for Insurance requirements.

Assistance with Furniture Rental or Purchase

As many of our clients will be renting accommodation before their containers arrive with their furniture, they may need to rent or purchase specific items for the interim period.

We will assist them with any furniture rental or purchase requirements by referring them to our alliance partners who provide this service, or by taking them to appropriate retail/wholesale outlets.

Home Search Services are offered as a one, two, or three day program, and additional days can be negotiated if required.

One Day Program – an intensive one-day inspection of properties for rent that meet the price and geographical requirements of the employee. This program can be taken as one full day or two half days and is suitable for those who have a good knowledge of the area they are settling in.

Two Day Program – two days of accompanied area orientation, housing overview and property inspections which meet the price and particular requirements of the client. It is most suitable for clients moving domestically or repatriating and who are familiar with the city and style of living.

Extended Home Search and Settling-in Program – up to 5 days of home search and settling in assistance. This program is appropriate for clients;

  • purchasing a property
  • coming into the city for the first time with little or no knowledge of the city
  • who require detailed assistance in relation to identifying schools/ recreational/leisure facilities
  • with specific health, family or housing needs


School Selection Services

School Search Programs are offered as ½, one, or two day programs.

Relocating families receive information on the range of education facilities available including Government Schools, Independent Private Schools, the Catholic School System, Tertiary Institutions and Pre-school Kindergartens. Up to date information is given on the Education System and its relationship to University entrance.

In discussions with our clients about their schooling requirements, we initially establish the exact ages of their children and their current year in school.

This will have a significant bearing on where we elect to look for a home for the family, keeping in mind that the appropriate school may have zoning restrictions.

We also need to confirm that the children are coming to New Zealand on a resident visa, as if they are on a visitor’s visa they may be classified as foreign students.

If the children are classed as foreign students this will limit the number of schools they are eligible to attend. In this case they can only attend schools that comply with the International Student Code of Practice. It should also be noted that the fees per student at these schools can vary considerably between schools (from $7,000 to $12,000) per year, so we need to confirm this information for the client.

When we have identified suitable schools that meet the client’s requirements, we will follow up with the school to:

If the school requires that the students wear uniforms, we will have identified where these can be obtained (both new and used), and then provide these details to the client.

Likewise if they have to purchase specific supplies before attending classes, we will have identified where these can be obtained and provide this to the client.

Community Orientation

In our experience our clients need most support in helping them integrate fully into their new home and community. This is where our clients often need specific support for their banking, shopping, doctor, dental, recreation, and other needs that can be taken for granted in their home city. This gives us a further opportunity to let our clients know about everything the city and its plethora of small businesses have to offer.

It also requires in-depth knowledge of the city to ensure that our clients’ lifestyle requirements are met. We specialise in taking care of these details to ensure our families have a smooth and welcoming experience to their new country, region, city, and community, and have continued support during all of their move to New Zealand resettlement process.

This is a unique point of difference in On Arrival’s approach to resettling our families in that we take a totally holistic approach to understanding their total needs, and we support our clients long after they have moved into their new accommodation.

We focus on the needs of the spouse and family
until they are totally self-sufficient.

Spouse/Family Support

We support partners during their resettlement by providing a spouse orientation tour of their new home region, introducing them to networking groups and social activity groups. We will also identify local community groups, children’s’ playgroups and activities, and local sporting associations that fit with their family and lifestyle needs.

We maintain regular telephone follow up with the family to ensure they are settling in and determine if they have any additional support needs, where we can assist.


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